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  • libweb A mirrored listing of libraries in over 135 countries! (Updated 12-02-2009)
  • W3C The World Wide Web Security FAQ (Updated 24-09-2008 noupdate 10-11-2008)
  • 8-11-2008 (Mirror Updated, New Mirrors Pending 2)

Who we are:
S810 ORG UK is an organisation of independent websites and individuals based in the United Kingdom that created this site explicitly and purely for academic and learning Knowledge resources; here you will find many libraries and mirrored resources to aid both learning and development

If you live in the UK and have ever found a slow US server then that would pretty much answer that question, it is not necessarily the US server that is slow it is usually the distance and how many hops you have to make to get to your destination, especially when you are trying to download large files or resources, our name servers are (NS1 United kingdom) and (NS2 United States) and this informational site is hosted on an ultra fast UK server!  

On very quick sites we aim to update all pages every week with new Knowledge resources and pages, once a month for your least updated sites, this way we can ensure all content here is up to date.  

At present all updates are manually completed we are however in the process of building a Bot to update this site on suggested intervals from the mother sites themselves, this way some updates will be on a daily basis and basically smack up to date, if you are a resource or Knowledge owner and do not want our Bot to do this then please let us know.


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